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Seeds of Rainbow I

Seed of rainbow I

I take this seed,

into thy heart I plant,

may it grow to fulfill all that you need

Let the rainbow guide and lead.


When the storm calms,

the world is in your palms,

enjoy the sunshine,

and walk down your coloured line.

What colour shall you pick?

When you know, and only you can know,

will it only be a flick?


Green eyes- Les yeux verts

Green pool of memorizing elixir,

mysterious black abyss amidst.

One look and I’m deplumated, without a single feather,

I’m falling….. falling….too wretched to resist.

Defying gravity yet cannot defy fate,

towards the meshed network my destiny awaits.

When I am captured, it ruptured.

Forever, ubiquitously, burning to illuminate.

Conclusion: Bio-luminescence is an awesome word 😉


Hebetudinous monkeys,

stuck in silence,

as time flies,

we close our eyes.

It’s hard to climb mountains,

or swim across the seven seas,

but at times like this,

we need some form of release.

Someone stand up and dance,

someone burst out a song,

someone sweep me off my feet,

yet I resorted to tweet.


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