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Green eyes- Les yeux verts

Green pool of memorizing elixir,

mysterious black abyss amidst.

One look and I’m deplumated, without a single feather,

I’m falling….. falling….too wretched to resist.

Defying gravity yet cannot defy fate,

towards the meshed network my destiny awaits.

When I am captured, it ruptured.

Forever, ubiquitously, burning to illuminate.

Conclusion: Bio-luminescence is an awesome word 😉

Defend Education, Fight Privatisation: National Demo.

What the poster says. Look out London town.




Hebetudinous monkeys,

stuck in silence,

as time flies,

we close our eyes.

It’s hard to climb mountains,

or swim across the seven seas,

but at times like this,

we need some form of release.

Someone stand up and dance,

someone burst out a song,

someone sweep me off my feet,

yet I resorted to tweet.


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Symphony of Science

Connections. Will write more…

If only everyone can be reasonable.

Quorum sensing: Learning about lux operons of Vibrio fischeri!

So there is a molecular biology test coming up in 2 days and I’m on the last part of revision learning about how there are glowing squids and how fireflies glow! Could not resist but to  listen to the amazing song by Owl City 🙂

There are 2 lux operons. the first encodes luxR, a protein required to activate the second lux operon which is comprised of the genes lux I C D A B E G… the luxI gene encodes the enzyme VAI ( Vibrio fischeri autoinducer) sythase. VAI binds to the luxR protein. This complex then binds to the promoter of the second lux operon and assists RNA polymerase to bind.

The operon is then transcribed, producing more luxI, which in turn produces more VAI. This is a process called autoregulation. The operon is responsible fore producing a chemical that activates the operon. Complex yet clever! (Bearing in mind what I wrote in my last blog, I think that we can if we have not already taken this idea and incorporate it into some mechanical technology?!)

One of the proteins encoded by the second lux operon is luciferase. Luciferase then metabolises luciferin to produce a luminescent chemical- the came chemical that makes glow worms and fireflies glow :). –> The more VAI produced, the more luciferase produce.

Info courtesy of Professor…


I have always been awe struck at the physical world around us, which has been in my opinion one way or another extremely influenced by nature and biology… More so than our imagination. Nature of order and patterns have been explored by the incurably curious, therefore science has evolved to improve our everyday lives by exploring complexities in biology and biochemistry.

Perhaps as a biologist, I am biased on this topic of ‘creationism’ in saying that we are inspired more so by what is around us than what we can create. However, even if pure creations of the human mind can be extraordinary, nature has by the process of the astounding force of evolution, been perfecting its designs. Thinking about it, apart from living form on Earth, what other existences are able to self-improve in the same way? Do physical laws change or better themselves? Do rocks gradually become more beneficial in one way or another and are chemicals changing to benefit the rest of creation?

Here is an article from the BBC which encompasses difference bio-mimicry for us to ponder over:


Conclusion: Biology is awesome.

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Conjugation of Bacteria Notes

Conjugation leads to acquisition of traits e.g. antibiotic and metal resistance, pathogenicity etc.

Plasmid go through autonomous replication

Plasmids with same replication mechanism can’t co-exist in the same cell- known as incompatibility (Inc)

Transposons themselves are assigned to one of two classes according to their mechanism of transposition, which can be described as either “copy and paste” (class I) or “cut and paste” (class II)

Acquisition-l’acquisition-获得,收获 -gaining : my acquisition of scientific language at UCL… is a slow progress. Hope to acquire more from visiting wordpress blogs 😉

Pathogenicity-la pathogénicité- 致病性- ability of a pathogen to produce an infectious disease in an organism: bacteria can gain pathogenicity through conjugation.

Autonomous– autonomes- 独立存在的 – self governing, independent: I’ve had to try to adopt life in London, first time away from home, by becoming more autonomous. I no longer need to be ‘governed’ by parents or teachers. Freedom is not always a good thing, one must make up own rules to be able to lead a good life.

Incompatibility-l’incompatibilité-不兼容(Bù jiānróng): Incompatibility between a couple is obvious when they are speaking the same language as though they are speaking completely foreign tongues to each other, where as some couples possess ultimate understanding(默契!) of each other without even a single word- all messages are sent by a brief moment of endearing eye contact.

Transposon-le transposon-转座子: transposon is a segment of DNA that can be integrated at many different sites along  chromosome ( especially a segment of bacterial DNA that can be translocated as a whole)/ DNA sequence with ability to move= ‘Jumping genes’ e.g. Tn3


Conclusion: Never stop learning, the more you learn the less you find out you know.

“Friends With Benefits” the film & relationships

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake as Jamie and Dylan in this film really highlights the requirements for a successful relationship. Two people initially started off as friends, who speak the same language and care for each other lead to a happy ending. Of course it is typical for a film to have a happy ending and for songs such as ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat to bring us much hope in a perfect relationship, but I’m as ‘damaged’ as the lead female character in that I am working on self-improvement to realise my hopes and dreams of meeting that special ‘Prince charming’.

Having said that, my personal interpretation of this ‘Prince Charming’ is far from what is portrayed by fairy tales. He will be someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with- a best friend, a lover and partner. We need to have mutual understandings and be able to stand on our own feet yet helpful to each other, it would be nice to be able to criticize someone and to be criticized without feeling guilty about it- where words will not be used against the person who spoke them…

In the modern society, we will probably spend less time with our partners in comparison with time spent at work with colleagues… Unless you are living with a colleague. I’m not sure whether being with someone who you work with is a good idea, but I can see many examples of that happening with people around me. Especially teachers. Not quite sure about other such partnerships though, for example politicians: because they may have strong, different beliefs and opinions on important matters… Perhaps it will be a perfect match that will lead to a long lasting matrimony if two people ‘need’ each other. In the film ‘Dylan’ joking said that ‘Jamie’ was emotionally needy when she asked him to reassure her something. Being a realist, the type of need I mean is that something productive will come out from the relationship. However, maybe there is a type of match made in heave and perfect love that doesn’t involve all that nonsense. Yet personally, I think it will be an interesting and fun-filled relationship if two people are ‘best-friends’, ‘partners’, and lovers ultimately.

Marriage however should not seclude other people from your lives, although after having children I’m sure there will be little time to socialize at all. There are so many dilemmas in life, yet I think there is nothing as hard as to be a highly successful career driven woman who is thinking of starting a family. It is not easy to understand bonding between children and parents and the psychology of children as a result- is maternal care essential in the early stages of a child’s life for them to learn about unconditional love and compassion? Or does it not matter and they will be just as well off being looked after by grandparents and even nannies. Furthermore, with advances in technology, it has become possible to have surrogate mothers- what about the blood flow etc, etc? This calls for more research…

Apart from the theme of love and relationship, I have also learnt a great deal from this one quote by Dylan’s colleague Tommy:‘ Oh! Right! Right! Like that’s how Warren Buffett got rich. He took doors off of things! Hey, everybody wants a short cut in life. My guide-book is very simple. You wanna lose weight? Stop eating, fatty! You wanna make money? Work your ass off, lazy! You wanna be happy? Find someone you like and never let him go. Or her if you’re into that kinda of…creepy shit.’

A lot of respect for Tommy for being proud of who he is and living the life. I have come across numerous people of different sexual orientation and learnt not to judge them on that as I have in the past. People are diverse and if that makes them happy then be it. Some might say it’s a waste of good seed though!

This is so poignant and inspiring:

Conclusion: Eat less, do more and hang on to what you love

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