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Life in a Year called 2011, growth and improvement.

1 year= 365 days

1 year = 8765.81277 hours

1 year = 525948.7662 minutes

1 year = 31556925.97 seconds

A year has gone past so fast, time to draw a close to 2011, wave good bye and jump aboard the ship of 2012!
2011 has by no means been a smooth ride. In fact, sailing through 2011 was a bit like sailing through stormy oceans… Undulating on threateningly vicious waves. Though like a pirate at sea, the thrill of an adventure made me curious and the adrenaline pumping inside of me tightly held grasp of my inner compass and played with it. It led me to a year of invaluable experience that I will treasure forever.

I have always had to watch some cheesy Chinese Kungfu films when I was younger because of dad’s keen interest in Chinese Kungfu culture. Tai Chi is a marvalous branch of Chinese marshall arts, I believe in the philosophy of being one with water. If you can’t fight it, be one with it, go with the waves, swim through tides. Inevitably, it is the truth that you can’t change the physical phenomenons around us. The only thing we can do is cope with it.

Too many wrongs certainly don’t make a right, but if you are willing to learn, you can avoid the wrongs again! … It’s hard to live a normal life at university, harder to even to depict what is normal at such a cultural rich city and university with a diversified bunch of nerds ;D.

Happy New Year! 2012- Bring on Olympics in London, hopefully summer internship, 3rd year shinanigans and what ever life throws at us!

P.s. Could not have wished for a better photograph.

Mr Mraz is God

Rainbows are visions but only illusions, rainbows have nothing to hide.

Seeds of rainbow.

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