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You maki miso happy! Elation

Miso happy 🙂 Valentine’s day is drawing close, have you decided what to do yet? I’m sure for some people the day that they dread is Valentine’s day, especially if they have decided that being single is a life style that suits them better. On the other hand if that’s the life style they chose, then they might want to opt for another Japanese inspired tasting menu, dump’em over dumplings 😉 Yes, you maki miso happy is a special valentine’s day menu by the restaurant where I work at.

I have been advised before to restrain my emotions and think in a  levelheaded manner especially when confronted by surprises. How dull would someone’s feeling’s be if they managed to numb their feelings entirely, all sacrificed for being ‘calm and collected’? I think no matter what, excitement is an exhilarating experience one should enjoy and treasure. In particular when we are struck with surprises of unexpected  turn of events… But keeping in mind that although this feeling is great, we must continue to work hard to achieve and maintain what we have gained. If you are so much excited by a piece of news, it must mean a lot to you, you care about it. Things that we care about do not float by too often, once you find it, you should cling on to it no matter what 🙂

January is coming to and end already, only 11 month left of 2012. Time management is essential this year, but I think relaxation is an essential part that must be scheduled in as well, maki you happy.

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