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Just learnt from human genetics lecture notes that parthenogenesis is probably impossible due to imprinting in human genes. And no, it is not in anyway related to the imprinting of werewolves like Jacob Black in the teenage vampire love story twilight! Imprinting is quite distinct from sex linkage, but the phenotype of the genes is affected by whether the gene is from the mother or the father. I wonder what is the most complex animal that parthenogenesis can occur in, maybe turkey… Deducted upon a google research, wouldn’t take my word for it… But don’t be surprised when one day your female pet gives birth to a baby without any male contact. Actually now thinking back I remember reading an article about a shark giving birth… Here it is! :


I really like this word parthenogenesis, it is the word of the day, possibly week as well. So if virgin births were actually possible, Beyonce’s song would be super accurate. Who knows, maybe it will be true in the future thanks to geneticists. Although in my opinion, things are fine just the way they are, given the men are sensible individuals who do not go around ‘collecting a Jar of Hearts’!

Seeds of Rainbow I

Seed of rainbow I

I take this seed,

into thy heart I plant,

may it grow to fulfill all that you need

Let the rainbow guide and lead.


When the storm calms,

the world is in your palms,

enjoy the sunshine,

and walk down your coloured line.

What colour shall you pick?

When you know, and only you can know,

will it only be a flick?

Defend Education, Fight Privatisation: National Demo.

What the poster says. Look out London town.



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