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Big ideas- Mind Boggling

‘Humans make 900 000 000 000 000 000 000 molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) per second. Another, this time in Inside the Brain, was that there are 150 000 000 000 000 synapses in the human neocortex, part of the cerebral cortex of the brain. Such large figures can be mind-boggling.’

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Wow, wish we did something like this in school =]

Wellcome Trust Blog

The MBP2 project put real scientific research in the hands of A-level students at a school in Kent. Five years later and the initiative has spread. With a full symposium of student scientists having just taken place in December, the man behind it, David Colthurst, reflects.

Five years ago, I made an application to the Wellcome Trust for a People Award.  I had the idea that I could establish a novel research programme into multiple sclerosis in a secondary school, where the work would be carried out by Sixth Form students guided by academics from the Biosciences Department of their local university. Pretty insane really, but  remarkably, the Wellcome Trust agreed to fund this venture and the Myelin Basic Protein Project (MBP2) was born.

From the outset, this was a very personal project. My wife had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few months earlier. I had wondered…

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Learn a Chinese Tongue Twister- My New Video!

Hi guys, why not give this tongue twister a go?- challenge yourself, challenge friends & family and improve pronounciation the fun way!

Hi everyone, thanks for listening to my channel
大家好,欢迎收听我的Chinese (Mandarin) Channel.
Dàjiā hǎo, huānyíng shōutīng wǒ de Chinese (Mandarin) Channel.

So today, let’s learn a tongue twister!
Jīntiān ne, wǒmen lái xué yīduàn ràokǒulìng ba!

This tongue twister is about four and ten.
Zhè duàn ràokǒulìng shì hé sì hé shí yǒu guānxì.

Four is four ten is ten
四是四 十是十
Sì shì sì shí shì shí

Fourteen is fourteen forty is forty
十四是十四 四十是四十。
shísì shì shísì sìshí shì sìshí.

Don’t say ‘shísì (14)’ like ‘(shíshì truth)’
不要把十四说成是 ‘实事’
Bùyào bǎ shísì shuō chéng shì ‘shíshì’

And don’t say ‘sìshí (40)’ like ‘xì xí”
yě bùyào bǎ sìshí shuō chéng shì’xì xí’.

If you want to say ‘sì (4)’ right touch your teeth with your tongue
要想说对四 舌头碰牙齿。
Yào xiǎng shuō duì sì shétou pèng yáchǐ.

If you want to say ‘shí (10)’ don’t straighten your tongue
要想说对十 舌头别伸直。
Yào xiǎng shuō duì shí shétou bié shēn zhí.

If you want to say ‘sì hé shí (4 and 10)’ right practice lots of ‘shí hé sì (10 and 4)’
要想练对四和十 多多练习十和四。
Yào xiǎng liàn duì sì hé shí duō duō liànxí shí hé sì.

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