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Ji Liu “DNA” Sonata for Solo Piano, 2012 HD- Awesome Find.

Description from YouTube:

Composer: Ji Liu
Piano: Ji Liu
Live from Wigmore Hall, Mar. 30th, 2012
This performance at Wigmore Hall was the World Première of this Piano Sonata.

Programme Note © Ji Liu 2012

“By the time I started the idea of writing this piece, I thought Sonata Form would be perfect for me to explore how the contrary elements can opposite and syncretize each other. Later, I was inspired by the philosophical ideas of “Yin Yang” from the ancient Chinese book “I Ching”, also known as the “Book of Changes”. It is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts and extant books of divination. Traditionally it was believed that the principles of the “I Ching” originated with the mythical Fu Xi. By the time of the legendary Yu 2194–2149 BC, the trigrams had supposedly been developed into 64 hexagrams, which were recorded in the scripture of Lián Shan (meaning “continuous mountains” in Chinese), which begins with the hexagram Bound (艮 gèn). This depicts a mountain mounting on another and is believed to be the origin of the scripture’s name. The text of the “I Ching” is a set of oracular statements represented by 64 sets of six lines each called hexagrams. Each hexagram is a figure composed of six stacked horizontal lines (爻yáo), each line is either Yang (an unbroken, or solid line), or Yin (broken, an open line with a gap in the center). With six such lines stacked from bottom to top there are 26 or 64 possible combinations, and thus 64 hexagrams represented. In Asian philosophy, the concept of “Yin Yang” is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn.

So within the Sonata Form, I thought by using the conflicts musical subjects, I could attempt to interpret the spirit of Yin Yang. From the title, the Sonata is designed on the structure of the DNA double helix which consists of two long polymers of simple units called nucleotides, with backbones made of sugars and phosphate groups joined by ester bonds. These two strands run in opposite directions to each other and are therefore anti-parallel. This interlaced structure reflects the Sonata not only structurally, but also harmonically and texturally. And this is the reason that other than the Classical Sonata structure of being 3 or 4 movements, I decided to renovate it to a single-movement Sonata which includes 3 parts. Here, apart from DNA’s original meaning of the Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA also stands for D and A — and can be the name of the two notes, or the name of the two keys which create so-called a multi-tonality functioned system.

Mathematically, the Yin Yang plays an important role in the Sonata. Yin typifies the odd number, and Yang typifies the even number. So the Sonata has 2012 beats in total, the first part of the Sonata has 1236 beats (103 bars with a meter of 12/8) which represents Yin; the second part of the Sonata has 764 beats (72 bars with a meter of 9/8 and 14 bars with a meter of 7/8, in total 86 bars) which represents Yang; and the third part has 12 beats (1 bar with a meter of 12/8). Indeed, the first part plays a role as the exposition of the whole sonata, but itself is also established by the classical sonata form comprised by exposition, development, recapitulation and a small coda (1 bar). The Exposition is comprised by a rather chaotic and colossal first subject, a mysterious and yearning second subject and an ethereal codetta. The Development Section is quite straight forward with the conflicts between all the elements which we had before, here I use the one of Messiaen’s typical technique called “Agrandissements asymetriques”. This technique is basic on keeping some voice in the same tone level; some voices go upper and upper by semi-tones; and some voices go lower and lower by semi-tones. The sound of this passage does sound quite unsure and disorder. To me, It is like the planets in the universe moving with different route but in the same time, they are cooperated each other by a bigger society and force. The recapitulation uses quite the similar materials as the Exposition but leads a tremendous storm to the one-bar Coda which is also the starting point of the second part of the whole sonata. There is the Golden Section Ratio of the Sonata- the perfect proportion of the 0.618. This part is timeless, improvised and quite simple. After the echo like motive displays, the motive becomes more human voice. Then there is a passage of canon on the 17th interval. The third part of the Sonata is paralleled with the end of the second part using my creation of a composition technique called “Tempi Modulation”, which compressed the first part of the Sonata into one bar of 6/8 while the ending of the second part has 5 bars of 7/8; this third part also reflects all the materials which were displayed in the exposition. “

Scenery Summer 2012

Sweet summery scenery! Enjoy 🙂

Creme brule


I had the most delicious creme brule this evening! Beautiful presentation with the colours, a healthy touch with the strawkiwiberry and a lovely crisp topping. Irresistable and parfait! A great finish for the evening meal, even for someone who isn’t much into desserts! Beautiful blend of red green and yellow 🙂

A picture says a thousand words.


Loving a bit of WWF on the back of this 50p coin!


An awesome snowman in Regent’s park when it snowed earlier this year!


What wakes me up every morning, the warmth softly envelopes moi in its golden photons..


Ah, ought to explore London more, fabulous!


Celebration of diversity with a message conveyed through the coloufuliciousness of cette flag.


Introspection time… Zzzzz


Just learnt from human genetics lecture notes that parthenogenesis is probably impossible due to imprinting in human genes. And no, it is not in anyway related to the imprinting of werewolves like Jacob Black in the teenage vampire love story twilight! Imprinting is quite distinct from sex linkage, but the phenotype of the genes is affected by whether the gene is from the mother or the father. I wonder what is the most complex animal that parthenogenesis can occur in, maybe turkey… Deducted upon a google research, wouldn’t take my word for it… But don’t be surprised when one day your female pet gives birth to a baby without any male contact. Actually now thinking back I remember reading an article about a shark giving birth… Here it is! :


I really like this word parthenogenesis, it is the word of the day, possibly week as well. So if virgin births were actually possible, Beyonce’s song would be super accurate. Who knows, maybe it will be true in the future thanks to geneticists. Although in my opinion, things are fine just the way they are, given the men are sensible individuals who do not go around ‘collecting a Jar of Hearts’!

You maki miso happy! Elation

Miso happy 🙂 Valentine’s day is drawing close, have you decided what to do yet? I’m sure for some people the day that they dread is Valentine’s day, especially if they have decided that being single is a life style that suits them better. On the other hand if that’s the life style they chose, then they might want to opt for another Japanese inspired tasting menu, dump’em over dumplings 😉 Yes, you maki miso happy is a special valentine’s day menu by the restaurant where I work at.

I have been advised before to restrain my emotions and think in a  levelheaded manner especially when confronted by surprises. How dull would someone’s feeling’s be if they managed to numb their feelings entirely, all sacrificed for being ‘calm and collected’? I think no matter what, excitement is an exhilarating experience one should enjoy and treasure. In particular when we are struck with surprises of unexpected  turn of events… But keeping in mind that although this feeling is great, we must continue to work hard to achieve and maintain what we have gained. If you are so much excited by a piece of news, it must mean a lot to you, you care about it. Things that we care about do not float by too often, once you find it, you should cling on to it no matter what 🙂

January is coming to and end already, only 11 month left of 2012. Time management is essential this year, but I think relaxation is an essential part that must be scheduled in as well, maki you happy.

Chill with this little gem:

Sex and the city

Have just finished the 6th season of sex and the city. What a brilliant series that was, just when my life is drama-less, this season have included some of the most interesting episodes of the series.

Can not help but wondering what our lives will be like in 15 years when we are 35 years old. Some people say that the pinnacle age for us is 21, but I think that 30 is going to be the most important age for both men an women alike. It is the age where we can measure how our lives are getting on for real. University feels just like another wait before entering into the real world, not that I’m complaining, because the life of student living in London is just fabulous. We are at the ‘wondering’ stage of our lives where nothing is certain. It’s true that nothing has to be certain in life, but it is especially true when you are at university. If you ask an particular student what they are studying and what they would like to do in the future, more than half will say that they’re not sure and the other half have their hopes high in not wasting their time learning and cramming all new concepts from their course by wanting to pursue an academic career.

Life is a juggle at university, or is it a juggle all the way till the end? Soon or not so soon, many of us will be juggling our work with friend with babies… It was a relief to see the Manhattan girls finally settling down with someone they love. Steve Jobs did a speech at Stanford university where he told people to find what they love and don’t settle. However, I hope to find what I love very soon in all aspects of my life, so that I will never let them go because I love them so much. It is true love. For example Charlotte becomes a Jew for her husband, and despite all his bad habits that she encountered when they finally moved in together after a disastrous wedding, they found ways to compromise and love each other just the way they are.


Somethings I can’t be bothered to figure out or maybe I don’t want to figure out because I know I won’t like the end result…
But I’ve learnt the word dislike. And it’s ok not to like everything even if you want to like it very much and it’s in your nature to ‘like’.

He without an arm, she without a leg

Very touching and emotional ballet performance

Performed by Ma Li (馬麗) and Zhai Xiaowei (翟孝偉).
The music is composed by San Bao

Eventhough I watched this performance clip years ago, it still bubbles up the little emotion monster inside of me.

I would definitely put it up in the list of most inspiring videos ever recorded. And often wonders how amazing it would be to meet this two lovely dancers.

:,) Enjoy!

Green eyes- Les yeux verts

Green pool of memorizing elixir,

mysterious black abyss amidst.

One look and I’m deplumated, without a single feather,

I’m falling….. falling….too wretched to resist.

Defying gravity yet cannot defy fate,

towards the meshed network my destiny awaits.

When I am captured, it ruptured.

Forever, ubiquitously, burning to illuminate.

Conclusion: Bio-luminescence is an awesome word 😉

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