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Sea Urchin Fertilisation Practical


Total nerdy post alert.

How often do you shake a sea urchin until it releases eggs or sperm? I wonder if you can tell a sea urchin’s sex from judging by its cover? But that certainly wasn’t the case when we vigorously shook sea urchins until they spored… or for some impatient ones.. Injecting KCl certainely forced some gametes out!

Well, it was a female! After about ten minutes of nudging, our little sea urchin finally produced some orange coloured products… From which we were ever so delighted to deduce that our sea urchin was an egg producing individual. Safely positioned on top of a beaker of sea water, the eggs fell like some sort of fairy dust towards the bottom of the glassware.

… Skipping some boring procedures..

After adding sperm to the eggs, you can observe and marvel at the process of fertilisation in action! Even more exciting, this picture captures mitosis at its late stages of cytokinesis where the fertilised egg splits in two after prophase, metaphase and anaphase.

Isn’t life magical?! 🙂

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