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Near Death Accident x 2, Running Away From Man in Wheelchair and Slippery Nipple.

First week back in university as a fresh no-more, accident prone little me managed to piss off 2 taxi drivers in one day- I swear the first one came out of nowhere and the second one was driving through red light. Having said that, my wonky bike ( not sure what happened there, haven’t rode it in such a long time.) stole away much of my attention because I had to steer to the left to have the bike straight -.-.

So, yesterday, I soon regretted my haste after being inches away from a taxi on one of the busiest roads in Camden. Quite ironic that I was en route to a fire safety talk held by the university, so that in case of a fire I don’t die- yet death flew so close to me that I felt it’s breath upon my unprotected ass. The talk took half an hour to get started because of problems with registration… Sigh. The only entertaining part about the talk was when the disabled exit sign was described as a warning sign for being chased, therefore run away from man in wheel chair…

This was definitely what you would call ‘如人饮水,冷暖自知’ experience, Literally meaning when people drink water, only you know the warmth of it (spectators can watch your reaction to the consumption of water, yet they do not know exactly how it feels.)
Last year, I clearly remember talking about near death experiences with some friends, because I thought it was bizarre since I’ve never had such an encounter. There were stories of skiing accidents and car crashes and there was boring me with nothing to tell… Even though my near-death experience was not so dramatic, it definitely left a mark in my memory.

Nice & chilled evening at Camden pub was called for, drinks from friends included shots called slippery nipple and brain haemorrhage:

Conclusion: Life is precious, be careful, wear a helmet. Enjoy the ride!

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