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I have always been awe struck at the physical world around us, which has been in my opinion one way or another extremely influenced by nature and biology… More so than our imagination. Nature of order and patterns have been explored by the incurably curious, therefore science has evolved to improve our everyday lives by exploring complexities in biology and biochemistry.

Perhaps as a biologist, I am biased on this topic of ‘creationism’ in saying that we are inspired more so by what is around us than what we can create. However, even if pure creations of the human mind can be extraordinary, nature has by the process of the astounding force of evolution, been perfecting its designs. Thinking about it, apart from living form on Earth, what other existences are able to self-improve in the same way? Do physical laws change or better themselves? Do rocks gradually become more beneficial in one way or another and are chemicals changing to benefit the rest of creation?

Here is an article from the BBC which encompasses difference bio-mimicry for us to ponder over:


Conclusion: Biology is awesome.

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